Panda Guardians

Behind every one of our conservation programs are local communities committed to protecting red pandas and their habitat.

As a Panda Guardian, your monthly gift will provide alternative income opportunities that support sustainable livelihoods for the people living among the pandas.

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As a Panda Guardian you will enjoy

Hassle-free, Automatic Monthly Donations


Knowing your donation is having the biggest impact - The ability to change or suspend your donation at any time. 

Being Part Of A Dedicated Team


Standing together with hundreds of fellow Panda Guardians committed to making a difference for red pandas. 

Seeing Your


Impact reports and exclusive stories from the communities committed to red panda conservation. 

Become A Panda Guardian

Our Panda Guardian team is supporting over 2,000 local families with sustainable livelihood programs that foster red panda stewardship and economic stability!


Left photo: Local recipients of improved cookstoves. Right: A student in Nepal is awarded a red panda conservation scholarship. 


Fifteen for the First Panda: Make a big difference for only $15 a month!

Panda Guardian Leaders

Panda Guardians who give $50 USD or more each month.
Shiyuan Chen
Kennon Dickson Akifumi Yamamoto Melissa Villegas
Justin Fairchild Emma Griffin Simon Welker Nicole Petrosky
David Hettlinger Daniel Larison Benjamin Storandt Barbara McIntyre
Utku Gürkan Robbie Bourget  Jean-Marc Sujata  Simon Larsen
Laura Gugelmann  Hannah Myles  Family Gruner  Morgan Hunt
Kevin Hadley  Sandie Wooster  Andrew Cousins  



New Forest Guardian, Devi Kala Rai, from Nepal's Bhojpur district.