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Show your love for red pandas by becoming a Red Panda Ranger, discover red panda fun facts, start a fundraiser, learn about hands-on activities, and how RPN's partners are helping to improve children's literacy and conservation while having fun. 

Become a Red Panda Ranger

Red Panda Ranger is a special title given to children who help spread the word about red pandas.

To become a Red Panda Ranger you will need to “climb” five mountains by completing the challenges for each mountain. For each mountain level completed participants receive a digital badge.

Upon completion of all 5 levels, an official Red Panda Ranger certificate will be sent (via email).

To begin you journey, select the "Cho Oyo" badge below.


Meet Red Panda Ranger "Charu"!

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Class 2F-International School Eindhoven:
Snow Leopards
Bengal Tigers
Great White Sharks
Polar Bears

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Red Panda Fun Facts

  • The red panda is the ORIGINAL panda. It was first described in 1821, 48 years before the giant panda was found.
  • The origin of the name "Panda" derives from a Nepalese word for red panda - "Nigalya poonya"- which means "eater of bamboo.”
  • One local Chinese name for the red panda is hunho or firefox, due to their color and similar size to a fox. The web browser “Firefox” is named after them.
  • Red Pandas claws are sharp and can be pulled back like a cat.
  • Like giant pandas, red pandas have an extra “thumb,” which is an enlarged bone for grabbing bamboo stems.
  • A red panda eats approximately 20,000 bamboo leaves daily.
  • Red Pandas' red and black color camouflages them from their predators. The red on their backs is exactly the same color as moss found on the trees where they live. The black on their stomach makes it difficult to see them from below.

Do you have questions about red panda biology or behavior? Send them to our team of volunteer science experts at science@redpandanetwork.org!  


Design by Laura Siu

Hey, students!

Want to find out more about red pandas and how RPN is helping? Check out our page just for students for more information!

Make an Origami Red Panda

Tutorial by Joy Marsalla

Need a fun activity for you and the kids while you are #socialdistancing? How about red panda origami?! Grab a square sheet of paper (preferably already used!), or cut a sheet to size, and follow this awesome video to make your own red panda. Remember, origami red pandas can be any color. Even purple.

Color Your Red Panda

Click here to print out this image. Your drawing could be featured on our website! (PDF)

Color a Red Panda Mask

Color and cut out your own red panda mask. 

Information Sheets:

For students kindergarten to 2nd grade (PDF)
For students 3rd to 6th grade (PDF)

Interpretive Resources

To help you compare, contrast, measure, and move - all the time learning about red pandas. For materials you will need a pair of scissors, a measuring tape.


Explore the work of RPN's Partner

Protectors of the Endangered as they work to improve children’s literacy and inspire the next generation of young learners to protect each other and our planet.




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