Press Release: Forest Guardian Surya Bhattrai wins Green Ambassadors Award

December 15, 2023 / 5 mins read
Press Release: Forest Guardian Surya Bhattrai wins Green Ambassadors Award

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Kathmandu, Nepal — In recognition of his outstanding dedication and tireless efforts in red panda conservation, Surya Bhattrai, a distinguished Forest Guardian of Red Panda Network (RPN), has been selected as a recipient of the prestigious Nepal CMS VATAVARAN Green Ambassadors Award.

Surya has dedicated his life to protecting and conserving wild red pandas and their habitat, demonstrating a deep commitment to the conservation of wild animals. As a dedicated Forest Guardian, he has contributed to preserving biodiversity and set an inspiring example for others to follow.

The award ceremony occurred on Friday, December 15, at the Nepal Tourism Board Auditorium in Kathmandu. Dr. Birendra Prasad Mahato, Hon’ble Minister of Forests and Environment, Government of Nepal, presented the award to Mr. Bhattrai.

Forest Guardian Surya Bhattarai receiving the award from the Minister of Forests. © RPN/Anish Vaidya

CMS VATAVARAN instituted the Green Ambassadors Awards to recognize and encourage grassroots initiatives. These awards aim to showcase and appreciate the endeavors of individuals like Surya Bhattrai, who have made significant contributions to environmental conservation.

Ang Phuri Sherpa, Executive Director, RPN, said, “His contribution to red panda conservation has been great, and he is a valued member of our citizen science community. This award is a celebration of his conservation journey, and it resonates with the collective spirit of all those working towards the well-being of our environment.”

The Nepal CMS VATAVARAN Green Ambassadors Award ceremony was a momentous occasion, bringing together environmentalists, policymakers, and other stakeholders to celebrate the accomplishments of those dedicated to environmental sustainability.

Surya Bhattarai at the award ceremony with Paradise Wildlife Park and RPN staff. © RPN/Anish Vaidya

“I didn’t believe I received this award. This encouraged me to continue the work I have been doing for the conservation of red panda and educating people of my communities in conservation” said Mr. Bhattarai after receiving the award.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including Minister for Forests and Environment Dr. Birendra Prasad Mahato, Dr. Deepak Kumar Kharal (Secretary Ministry of Forests and Environment), Cameron MacKay (Canadian Ambassador to Nepal), Sean Southey (Commission Chair, IUCN CEC), Dr. Dindo Campilan (Regional Director, IUCN Asia Regional Office), and Dr. P. N Vasanti (DG, CMS and Regional IUCN CEC Vice-Chair for S and SE Asia).

RPN Forest Guardian and Green Ambassadors Award recipient, Surya Bhattarai. © RPN/Anish Vaidya

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