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A specially curated trip to red panda country for zoo professionals, volunteers, and conservation experts.

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For the professional nature lover.

During this unique 12-day experience, you will explore the Eastern Himalayan Broadleaf Forest, experience Nepalese culture, and track wild red pandas – all while supporting community-based red panda conservation. Guided by local experts, you will gain insider knowledge on wild red panda conservation while exploring the ecosystems and communities that live alongside them.

With an extra four days of travel at no cost, we offer these zoo trips to show our gratitude to conservation experts and zoo professionals around the world. Discover Nepal while supporting a common cause – a protected, sustainable future for pandas, people, and planet alike.

Upcoming Eco Zoo Trips


December 2-13, 2024

1 spot remaining!
Choyatar and Dobato, Ilam district, Nepal
Days: 12
Cost: $2,350 USD


March 3-14, 2025

Eastern Nepal
Days: 12
 $2,350 USD



December 1-12, 2025

Ilam district, Nepal
Days: 12
 $2,350 USD


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